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Dual SATA Hard Drive Hardware RAID 1 or RAID 0 up to 1,000GB

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Dual SATA Hard Drive Hardware RAID 1 or RAID 0 up to 1,000GB

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Quick Overview

Dual SATA Hard Drive Hardware RAID 1 or RAID 0 up to 1,000GB

  • USB 2 SATA HARDWARE RAID SYSTEM This item is New and/Or Used and Has no Warranty! Sold-AS-IS! SATAVault is the ideal storage solution to safeguard digital photo files downloaded from flash memory cards. SATAVault offers the ultimate in peace of mind by simultaneously writing to two independent hard disk drives providing instant back up of the images as you save them. SATA Raid System, Mini SATA Raid, Hardware Raid System for Two SATA Hard Drives Raid Level 1 and Level 0 eSATA and USB 2.0 interface Accepts SATA or SATA II hard drives 3.5"

    eSATA and USB 2.0 Hardware RAID System

    SATAVault™ SV Series Mini Raid makes adding RAID storage to any computers easy and affordable. Need a Smaller, Better, More cost-effective way to store and manage your ever-growing masses of data? Free up valuable primary storage space for your most critical data applications.


  • Complies with RAID 1 specification, assuring that two hard drives are always in mirror mode during normal operation (user selectable).
  • Complies with RAID 0 specification for high-throughput disk operations (user selectable).
  • No device driver is required for most modern operating systems.
  • Plug and Play design for direct connection to SATA host interface and SATA drives. Supports all 7200 and 10,000 RPM drives.
  • Supports hot swap and Auto-rebuild on most supported operating systems.
  • Easy to Read LCD panel: To simplify the RAID status monitoring Uses hardware monitor to monitor HDD status, Temperature and Fan activity Displays warning message on LCD screen when respective disk encounters problem displays system status, disk operations, and temperature.
  • LED indicators indicate disk read and write status.
  • Audible alarm warns of impending disk and cooling problems.
  • Provides One RS-232 Port for RAID Management (windows only) Valuable Data is protected against a hard drive failure when the system is configured for RAID level 1 (RAID 1) By seamlessly storing copies of data on two indentical sata hard drives. Any hard drive can fail without data loss or system downtime. Our Raid 1 System is capable of rebuilding while you are working. When the failed drive is removed and is replaced our Auto rebuild process starts, within a few hours data fault tolerance is easily restored. Ultra fast SATAVault™ raid system can re-build Raid 1 array at 90+GB/hour.  Model No.  Host Interface  Drive Interface  Hard Drive  Microprocessor  RAID Level  Largest Capacity  Support Hot-Swap  Support Auto Rebuilding  Cooling Fan  Power Supply  Dimension  Weight  Case Material  LCD Display  System Management  O.S. Independent  Safety Guarantee  Warranty

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  • SATAVault™ by CoolGear™ SV Series is a Mini External Hardware RAID solution which provides with RAID 0, 1 function and user friendly of operation feature. The SV-2RSA1 offers 2 bays of SATA hard drives. Hardware RAID Design, supports RAID 0,1 Host Interface: SATA 1.5 GHz (e-SATA port) & USB 2.0 Combo Drive Interface: 2x 3.5" SATA 1.5 GHz Hot Swappable Tray Module Design compatible with ALL Brands of SATA I or SATA II Hard Drives (RAID 1) Data Auto-Rebuilding LCD Display Hard Disk, Fan and Temperature failure detectors to ensure system stability Windows-based GUI software Standard Interface, No extra driver required This RAID enclosure will accept any SATA or SATA II Hard Drive from 80B up to 750GB each. (some new SATA II drives will require you to set the jumper to sata I speed for compatibility reasons) picture of sata raid system hardware raid with eSATA and usb port> Should a hard drive fail, RAID 1 can provide real-time,  uninterrupted data recovery. </font>    <TABLE borderColor=#c5d5e2 cellPadding=5 width=

    SATAVault SV-2RSA1 Hardware RAID 0/1 System for SATA or SATA II Drives

    System Architecture
    • 8032 ASIC RAID Microporcessor
    • 2 channel SATA controller
    • NVRAM for RAID configuration &amp; transaction log (WIN)

    RAID Features
    • Supports RAID level 0 or 1 (selectable)
    • Hot swap without taking the system down (in RAID 1 Config)
    • Instant availability and background initialization
    • Automatic drive insertion, removal detection and rebuilding.

    Disk Bus Interface

    • 3.5" SATA or SATA II
      hard drives
    • 2 channel operation
    • 2 hot-swap drive trays
    • 48-bit LBA support allows disk exceeding 137GB, supporting up to 500GB drives.

    Hardware Raid Interface

    • eSATA ~Transfer rate up to 150MB/sec
    • USB2.0 Transfer rate up to ~56MB/sec

    Monitors &amp; Indicators
    • Push Buttons and LCD Display Panel for setup, alarm mute and configuration
    • 2 drive LED indicators and 1 LCD LED indicators
    • Environment and drive failure indication through LCD, LED and alarm buzzer
    • Built-in alarm
    • RAID Management (WIN)
    • Web browser-based RAID management via HTTP PROXY through RS-232 (WIN)
    • Firmware-embedded manager via RS-232 port (WIN).

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    ** PLEASE NOTE: SOME NEW SATA II Drives Will REQUIRE to be Set to SATA I Speed Via Jumper for Compatibility Reasons! sata raid hard drive compatibility list
  • SKU SV-2RSA1

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