24W USB Type-C PoE Splitter - Powering 802.3at Type 1 & 2 PD Devices

Deliver power to your laptops with PoE, Power over Ethernet delivers 24W of power through an Ethernet Cat3/Cat5 cable to the USB Type-C port connection of your USB-C enabled device. The PoE Splitter is easily connected to source power and destination device.
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Supply power to PD Compatible USB-C Devices

Coolgear's new Type-C PoE Splitter, enables USB Type-C devices to accept power over an Ethernet Source. The source of the power comes from the RJ45 Ethernet connection to the USB-C reversible plug into a USB-C port.

If your device is power delivery (PD) compatible, the PoE Splitter can supply up to 24 Watts of power to your device (45W and 36W POE Splitters are also available). Using a Cat5 Ethernet cable power is delivered by splitting the power from the RJ45 connection to the Type-C connection through the splitter's circuit.

The 24W USB Type-C PoE Splitter can supply power to laptops such as Apple, HP, Asus, Samsung, and other PD enabled devices.

Applications uses: Supply power to laptops, wireless access points, IP cameras, and VoIP phones or other USB Type-C high power devices.

USB 24W Type-C PoE Splitter Features

  • Supports 24 Watts of power to PD devices over a 100 meter (max) distance
  • 1.8 meter USB Type-C cable length
  • Standard RJ45 Ethernet Cat5 connection (100 meter max)
  • Supports 802.3at Type 1 & 2 devices
  • Easily connects to power sources and PD device
  • Supports Cat3 (2 pair wire) and Cat5 (4 pair wire) cables.

Specifications and Standards

  • Supports 802.3at Type 1 & 2 Device Standards.
  • Voltage range at PD (powered Device) 37.0V - 57.0V
  • Current 350 mA up to 600mA
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Warranty One Year
Material Plastic
Connectors USB Type-C
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