5-Port 36W DC USB Car Charger plus 1 Port USB Power Adapter

5+1 36W DC USB Car Charger charges 3 iPads or Tablet style PC's or 5 Smart Phones at the main charging hub and 1 additional Samsung Galaxy Tablet on the power adapter.
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5+1 Ports 36W DC USB Car Charger Power Cable

Car Charging at its best! The USBG-6PCA-W1 5 Port 36W USB car charger uses the DC power from the power plug in your automobile and distributes it into a 5 Port USB system of charging ports for you Smart Phone or Tablet style devices. This car charger shares ports 1&2 with 2.4A and ports 3&4 with2.4A, port 5 is dedicated at 2.4A. This means you can charge 3 Tablet PC’s or iPads, or, charge 4 Smart Phones from one convenient location plus 1 additional USB charging port at the power source.

1 USB Port at the Source

Want to charge another Tablet or iPad? The DC power plug gives you an additional 2.4A USB port at the source; this means that while your passengers may be charging their devices while you travel, you can have a dedicated USB port to yourself for charging. The USBG-6PCA-W1 USB car charger is sold in an attractive white plastic casing and comes with a power cable to run from the DC power source to the USB charger.

Product Features

  • Supports up to 5 simultaneous charges plus 1 at the power adapter
  • Long Connector cable from adapter to car charger
  • 12-15V Power Adapter supports 1 USB Port
  • Portable car charger – Bring it where ever you go
  • Attractive design – White in Color


  • Input:DC12-24V 3.8A
  • Output:USB5V 2.4Ax1+1.2Ax4 or USB 5V 2.4Ax3
  • Size:102x34x18mm fit for iPhone, iPad, Smart phone and tablet PC.
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