SiI4726 Serial ATA 5 Port Multiplier with Steelvine RAID processor

SiI4726 Serial ATA 5 Port Multiplier with Steelvine RAID processor
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SATA II True Hardware RAID

5 Drive SATA RAID Bridge Board for External Enclosures

SiI4726 Serial ATA 5 Port Multiplier with Steelvine RAID processor

SiI 4726 - 5 Drive SATA300 Provides 3Gb/s SATA performance over the single host SATA link 5 device SATA links, and can be configured for internal or external (eSATA) applications and supports hardware RAID 0, 1, 10 as well as multi-partition RAID modes.

Compliant with SATA II external specification OS support: Windows 2000, XP, 2003, Vista, Mac OS X and above, Linux kernel 2.4 and above, Solaris 10 and higher

5X1 eSATA Hardware Port Multiplier - Connects up to 5 SATA / SATA II hard drives to any computer via a standard eSATA port or USB 2.0 port* (optional USB 2.0 Adapter Required). Once the RAID configuration is set up, the entire RAID set can be moved to any computer (since this is a TRUE Hardware RAID)...

Simple One Step Solution for Enclosure Owners that Require HardWare RAID Processor for up to 5 SATA II HDD's.

The following terms represent SteelVine configuration options, or storage policies, for mapping physical to virtual drives. The end-user can choose from these policies when s/he configures the volumes (virtual drives) using the Basic Configuration Wizard or the Advanced Configuration Wizard. Silicon Image - Support | Documentation Search ResultsInstallation Guide, 2/21/2006, 1.1, 79428 KB, SiI4726 Quick Installation Guide for ... User Guide, 2/21/2006, 2.6, 3218 KB, SiI4726 Configuration Manager ...


Other Features & Benefits

Host Port

Supports one SATA host port, 3Gb/s

Hot Plug support

Supports Async Notification

SATA Port Multiplier spec. compliant

Supports PM aware hosts and non-PM aware

Two detailed system status LEDs

eSATA signal level suppport (1m and 2m PHY compliant)

Device Port Five SATA device ports, 3Gb/s

Hot Plug support

SATA Port Multiplier spec. complaint

Compatible with NCQ drives

Two LEDs for detailed status per port

eSATA signal level support (1m and 2m PHY compliant)

Data Protection Features

RAID Level Modes



JBOD A storage policy that grants the host computer direct access to a physical disk drive. With JBOD (just a bunch of disks), the number of available virtual drives is equal to the number of physical drives. JBOD is also called the bypass mode because the host bypasses the SteelVine virtualization engine to access the drive directly. SAFE A storage policy in which all data are stored in duplicate on separate hard disk drives to protect against data loss due to drive failure. At least two hard disk drives mirror each other at all times, equivalent to RAID 1. Every write operation goes to both drives. SAFE provides the highest level of data protection, but halves the amount of storage space because all data must be stored twice.

To implement the SAFE storage policy, the Basic Configuration Wizard creates two volumes. Each volume consists of two hard disk drives that mirror each other. The remaining hard disk drive is specified as a Hot Spare for both volumes. BIG A storage policy configuration in which multiple physical hard disk drives are concatenated and treated as one large volume. This configuration allows the end-user to increase logical volume size beyond the capacity of individual hard disk drives. BIG provides the maximum amount of storage space, but no additional performance or data redundancy.

The Basic Configuration Wizard implements the BIG storage policy by concatenating all the hard disk drives into a single volume. FAST A storage policy in which I/O processing is balanced evenly in a method known as striping, equivalent to RAID 0. Striping increases storage operation speed as each portion of data is divided into segments that are written to different disks simultaneously. FAST offers the best performance in terms of speed, but has no redundancy of data. To implement the FAST storage policy, the Basic Configuration Wizard creates a single volume of up to five hard disk drives in a striped format. SAFE and BIG A storage policy in which one-half of the available storage space is concatenated. The other half mirrors the first half to provide full data redundancy.

To implement the SAFE and BIG storage policy, the Basic Configuration Wizard creates a volume consisting of four hard disk drives and designates the remaining drive as a Hot Spare. SAFE and FAST A storage policy in which an array of stripes is created. Each stripe consists of two mirrored drives. SAFE and FAST provides the I/O load balancing features of striping and the added reliability of mirrored data, equivalent to RAID 1+0. Data are written to mirrored disks in a striped format. To implement the SAFE and FAST storage policy, the Basic Configuration Wizard creates a virtual drive consisting of four hard disk drives and designates the remaining drive as a Hot Spare. Hot Spare One or more hard disk drives are unused during normal operation and are configured to be a spare. If an active drive in a SAFE volume fails, the data on the remaining hard disk drive is duplicated onto the Hot Spare to regain redundancy. All SAFE volumes can have a designated Hot Spare (SAFE, SAFE and FAST, and SAFE and BIG).

The SteelVine Storage Appliance is powered by Silicon Image’s industry-leading Serial Advanced Technology Attachment (SATA). SATA is an interface between desktop computers/servers and attached hard disk drives. SATA supersedes the Parallel Ultra ATA/100 interface, improving performance from 100 MB/sec to a data transfer rate of 150 MB/sec with SATA Generation 1 (gen1) and 300 MB/sec with SATA Gen2. Populated with five SATA drives, the SteelVine Storage Appliance stores as much as 2.5 terabytes of data. The SteelVine Storage Appliance is coupled with a processing architecture that provides enhanced data protection, high-performance storage, and plug-and-play functionality. The SteelVine Storage Appliance is a simple and affordable solution that transparently replicates data, eliminating a vulnerability that is too often overlooked or considered too expensive to solve. Volumes can be created with mirrored drives, providing automated data protection along with notifications when a drive needs replacement.

The SteelVine Storage Appliance is available from leading storage partners in preconfigured user set-ups or it can be set up on site. The end-user does not need to be an experienced storage network administrator to understand and configure the SteelVine Storage Appliance, nor does he need prior knowledge of physical disk drives or storage concepts. The SteelVine Manager can be run at any time to monitor or reconfigure the Storage Appliance. The SteelVine Manager’s monitoring function allows preventive maintenance and enables troubleshooting by using environment-control feedback. The guided configuration utility helps the end-user set up and maintain the best possible configuration for his/her organization.

For demanding performance applications such as video or audio editing, digital imaging, sophisticated data manipulation, or just the fastest gaming platform in town, the SteelVine Storage Appliance can be preconfigured as a striped disk array, simultaneously accessing multiple drives for blazing fast disk performance.

The industry-approved external SATA connector assures a robust and reliable interconnect and extends the reach of your SteelVine Storage Appliance.
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