Dual Ports SATA2 External Adapter PCI Bracket SATA II

Dual Ports SATA2 External Adapter PCI Bracket SATA II
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PCI-SATAII-1A1 Dual Port SATA2 External Adapter

Dual Port SATA2 External Adapter OVERVIEW:

The PCI-SATAII-1A1 is specially designed to convert the internal SATA ports into external ports. With its high-speed STAT2 shielding connector, it delivers 3G/s SATA2 data rate by its reliable signal quality.

With the new generation SATA2 type external shielding cable, the PCI-SATAII-1A1 host adapter PCI SLOT board is connected to the other Device Adapter Board, which is a perfect match, your high speed dual SATA2 channels were built immediately. The PCI-SATAII-1A1 are ideal bridges to build a supper data highway for your external storage systems.

The PCI-SATAII-1A1 uses new eSATA II connectors from COMAX


  • Two External SATA2 Shielding Connectors.
  • Ideal to Convert Internal 2 Ports to External 2 Ports.
  • Supports up to 3Gb/s SATA2 Data Transfer Rate.
  • 2 External LED Activity Indicators for each Channels.
  • Supports Host (PC or Server) and Device; (Subsystem) External Converting.
  • *** Low Profile PCI Brackets Available upon Request for Large Quantity Orders Only!
  • Ideal for External JBOD and RAID Connections



  • For Host Systems with internal SATA Ports.

Serial ATA Ports:

  • Compatible with SATA ports on motherboards or add in cards.
  • Compliant with Serial ATA 2.0 Specifications.
  • Supports 2 Serial ATA devices with up to 3.0Gb/s Data Rate.
  • Cable Length up to 1 meter or more.
  • Supports JBOD or RAID Connections.

I/O Hardware:

  • 2 internal 7-pin Serial ATA II connectors.
  • 2 channel external Serial ATA II shielding connectors.
  • 2 External Drive Activity LED Indicators.
  • One 2x2 LED Connector for External LEDs.

OS Support:

  • OS Transparent, depends on the Host Support.

Cable Support:

  • Supports new generation SATA2 shielding Cable.

Form Factor:

  • 2.58” x 1.34” (6.30cm x 3.40cm).
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