eSATA to USB 2.0 Adapter for Windows And Mac

eSATA to USB 2.0 Adapter for Windows And Mac
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SSCV2ES is an adapter bridge between the USB and the External Serial ATA (eSATA) interface. The Adapter will allow the attachment of external eSATA devices like hard disk peripherals to PCs and MACs. eSATA is an external SATA cable interface. The primary eSATA device usage is the external hard drive storage enclosures. This USB to eSATA adapter allows users to connect a SATA hard drive enclosure with an eSATA data cable to any Macintosh or Windows computer with a USB 2.0 port. SATA hard drives provide a fast and reliable method for storing large amounts of data. The problem in the past has been that SATA enclosures required an external SATA connector that many computer models did not provide. With the availability of this new USB to eSATA adapter any Apple computer with a USB 2.0 port can be connected to an SATA enclosure. Product Specification: Connector: USB A Male eSATA Female Software RequirementsF Windows 98SEAWindows MeAWindows 2000AWindows XPAMac OS 9 Mac OS XALinux Package: White box USB to eSATA Adapter Quick guide esata to USB 2.0 High-Speed Adapter


USB 2.0 High-Speed SATA II Bridge Adapter allows any SATA Drive to quickly be attached to any computer. This is the perfect tool to duplicate, copy, backup, or transfer large amount of data from one drive to another. Easy to take to any location and universal enough to work with any system. ulltra fast USB 2.0 transfers data at up to 480Mbps and connects to any computer. Optional Dual Output Drive Power Supply makes it easy to power any SATA drive mechanism or peripheral. USB 2.0 Hi-Speed & USB 1.0 480 Mbit/s Data Transfer Rate SATA II 300MB/s Transfer Rate ATA 6 Large Drive Support One Year Warranty Convert USB2.0 to e-SATA interface Furnish standard e-SATA port for external SATA device Support Hot-Plug USB 2.0 to eSATA Adapter Converts any eSATA device or SATA device with converter cable to connect to any Notebook, Desktop, or Server with available USB 2.0 ports.

  • Connect eSATA device to high-speed USB 2.0 port Connect SATA device to USB 2.0 port (requires optional SATA to eSATA cable type "I" to "L") Supports Hot-Swap & Plug-n-Play (Windows Me, 2000, XP, 2003 and Mac OS X and above)
  • Compact design with no extra power source required Works on Notebooks and Desktops RoHS Compliant Item can be used with eSATA or Standard Sata Devices by Buying optional External SATA Cable.
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