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LCD SATA Mobile Rack for Serial ATA Hard Disk Drive

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LCD SATA Mobile Rack for Serial ATA Hard Disk Drive

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Regular Price: $39.99

Special Price: $12.95

Quick Overview

LCD Native SATA Mobile Rack for Serial ATA Hard Disk Drive


Serial ATA Mobile Rack LCD Plastic

Designed for SATA I and SATA II Hard Drives

Swap HDDs w/o Turning Off Or Opening Your PC. Plastic Case w/ Additional Cooling. Temperature Display w/ Alarm. SATA Interface. Blue LCD Display. Anti-Dust Hard Drive Casing. Easy And Secure Two-Step Key Lock. Up To 300 MB/sec Data Transfer Rate. 40mm Rear Cooling Fan. Power/HDD Access Indicator. This unit is a complete mobile rack. (Includes Frame and Inner Tray/Caddy). Easily access or swap hard drives with this high quality Serial ATA removable rack. This innovative hot swappable rack features high efficiency fans for superior cooling and a shock resistant design making it perfect for use with high-density and the latest high speed drives. Mobile Rack for Serial ATA Hard Disk Drive PRODUCT OVERVIEW The SATAMR01 Mobile Rack is designed to fit the dimension of 5.25" (DB-525 series) device bay of a computer case. SATAMR01 allows the user to plug and play Serial ATA Hard Disk Drive from the front panel of the computer. PRODUCT HIGHLIGHTS Frame is designed to fit the standard dimension of 5.25" device bay of a computer case. Inner HDD tray provide the screw hole for 3.5" SATA HDD. Direct connect to Serial ATA cable (no converting P.C.B required) Keylock + Power Switch make SATA HDD Hot Swapable One Built-in 40x40 mm cooling fan Power indicator LED and HDD Access LED OPERATING SYSTEM PLATFORMS Windows HARDWARE REQUIREMENTS Desktop PC: with either a built-in Serial ATA controller or a Serial ATA to PCI Host Adapter equipped with a internal Serial ATA port.

Also Available in Aluminum SATA LCD Version



  • Compliant with SATA/SATAII standard
  • Suitable for 3.5 SATA HDD
  • Transfer rate up to 150MB/s(SATA);300MB/s(SATAII)
  • Hot plug capability
  • Options available for Key-lock, Power lock
  • Convenient data administration & sharing
  • Secure your data
  • Easy access handle designed
  • Built rear cooling fan(Options available for no Fan to 1 Fans)
  • System Require:Window98/SE/ME/2000/XP,Mac Os 8.6 or above
  • Dimension:187x149x 42MM


Before installing the Mobile Rack ,verify that the following items are included in the packing ,If any parts are damaged or missing, please contact your local dealer or sales representative immediately.

  • One SATA Mobile Rack included Receiving Frame &Inner Case
  • One plastic bag included eight screws, a lable and 2 keys(for key-lock models only),and a 2-pin cable.
  • One User Manual.

2-1 Installation

2-1-1 Mobile Rack components:

a. Receiving Frame
b. Inner Case

2-1-2 Installing the Mobile Rack Receiving Frame.

  • Power OFF to your computer and other connected peripheral devices. Follow the precautions for static electricity discharge.
    *Discharge any static electricity build up in your body by touching a grounded metal surface such as the computer case, if plugged in.
    *During installation procedures, avoid any contact with internal parts.
  • Unplug the power card from the back of the computer.
  • Remove the computer\'s cover.
  • Remove the computer\'s front cover plate from the 5.25? driver bay before you install your Mobile Rack into.
  • Life the handle and pull the Inner Case out from the Receiving frame.
  • Slide the Receiving Frame into the 5.25? drive bay from the front to the back, Mack sure the Receiving Frame mounting holes align with the drive bay\'s mounting holes.
    Secure with the supplied mounting screws(two on each side).
  • Find a large 4-pin white terminal on the power supply of the computer, and insert it into the male 4-pin connector at the back of the Receiving Frame.
  • Connect the SATA cable between the frame and your SATA board or SATA PCI card.
  • Connect the 2pin cable(which is in the inner case)to the 2pin LED connecter in SATA Board or SATA PCI Card(it will be shown which is the LED indicator\'s pin).
  • Replace the computer\'s cover and reconnect the power and other external cabling.

2-1-3 Mounting a Hard Drive in the Inner Case:

Proceed with the following steps to install a 3.5" Hard Drive in the Mobile Rack Inner Case.

  • Slide the Inner Case cover out of the Inner Case base.
  • Carefully position the SATA HDD Drive inside the inner Case.
  • Pull the Hard Disk Drive align the back case, secure the screws each side
    *If you are installing a new Hard Drive into the Mobile Rack, you need to configure the drive before you install it.
  • 4. Slide the inner Case cover back onto the inner case base.
  • 5. Push the Inner Case back into the Receiving Frame and turn on the lock with the key.

3-1 Lock the Mobile Rack

For key-lock or power switch models, insert the key and turn left to lock.

3-1-1 Unlock the Mobile Rack

For key-lock/power switch models, insert the key and turn right to unlock.

About HOT Plug

As a new interface, Serial ATA support hot plug, if your PC have two Serial ATA Hard Disk or above, you can use this function follow this step:

Remove a Serial ATA Hard Disk:

  1. Open your PC system.
  2. Double click ?My Computer?.
  3. Select one Disk belong to the Serial Hard Disk, and rignt click, select the ?attribute?---?Hardware?, and select the Serial ATA Hard Disk name which you want to plug, select ?attribute?, system will display default interface, in the normal window, choose ?stop use device? in the white window, then all the Disk belongs the Serial Hard Disk will disappear.
  4. Now you can remove the inner case from the case.(Or plug out the cables which contact to the Serial Hard Disk, and take it away).

Add a Serial ATA Hard Disk:

  1. Pull the second inner case in the frame(Or connect the cable to the Serial ATA Hard Disk).
  2. Double click ?My Computer?, system will display all Disk in the window.
  3. Select anyone Disk of the system HDD, and right click, choose ?Hardware?---?attribute?, in the normal window, choose ?Use device? in the white window, all the Disk of the Serial ATA Hard Disk will be display in the system windows.
  4. Now you can use the second Serial ATA Hard Disk.
Color Black
Manufacturer SATAGear

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