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SATA and IDE Hard Drive  & Optical Drive USB Adapter Kit COMBO

SATA and IDE Hard Drive & Optical Drive USB Adapter Kit COMBO

Product Review (submitted on January 4, 2015):

As many have said, this product works as advertised.
This is honestly my first experience with this specific type of device, so please forgive my simplistic evaluation.
I, too, lost a couple of PC's that I loved and used to their fullest potential for a good deal of time. The greatest frustration I experienced, and the main driver for acquiring this device, was 3 out of the 4 hard drives I had recently had to put in dry storage were 3.5" IDE HDD's, the other being SATA. The problem of my latest motherboards only supporting SATA drives became quickly apparent.

This was the solution!

I have now rescued all the files and important memories stored on these drives and feel a great deal of relief because this device did what it said it could.

It seems to readily identify itself on Windows 7, though I did manually install all the packaged drivers and software.

I did not use the software provided for the retrieval process, opting instead to scan the drives for discrepancies and copy them in their entirety to a much larger external USB drive for safe keeping.

The transfer rate was surprisingly swift. I admit, I had low expectations for the SATA/IDE conversion to USB 2.0 with regards to swap speed. I realize that most of that has to do with the machine I am using as a "middle man" for the transaction, but hardware also plays a big role in performance. This device delivers.

The device even feels solidly built. I was fully expecting a molded plastic box with connectors. Upon opening the box, i was pleasantly surprised to see and feel the connector itself is both plastic and has aluminum plates on the top and bottom. It appears as if the bottom plate can be removed and the device serviced.

All in all, this was solid choice for what I needed and I am glad I purchased it.