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SATA to PATA/IDE Adapter

SATA to PATA/IDE Adapter

Product Review (submitted on November 5, 2012):

The SATA to IDE adapter worked seamlessly in our application to transfer data from our SATA master to an EIDE slave. The BIOS was set to auto detect for the SATA and EIDE drives. The SATA drive should be connected to the end connector of the cable and the jumper on the back of the adapter has to be OFF. The EIDE drive is connected to the middle connector of the EIDE cable with its jumper set for slave. This is with a straight cable with no twist in the control lines for a cable select configuration.
The adapter works with the standard 40 pin EIDE connector AND also works with 80 pin cable, as the extra 40 pins are added ground connections for shielding when the drive EIDE drive is used in Ultra DMA mode 2 and higher.