15 inch eSATA Dual Port Internal to External Adapter PCI Bracket

Dual Port eSATA Internal to External PCI Mount Bracket with 15 inch cables for Windows and Linux Systems.
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Take your existing SATA ports and route them to the outside of your computer case for use with any eSATA SATA II Hard Drive Enclosures including RAID eSATA Enclosures. Certified eSATA External Port C0nnectors mounted on a sturdy Metal PCI form factor Bracket, Available in 3 cable lengths at 5, 10, and 15 inch cable legths.

SATA II PCI Bracket Features:

  • Provides 2 external SATA II connection to SATA device.
  • 38.1 cm in length (15 inches)
  • Supports 3.0 GBps Data Transfer Rate.
  • Convert Internal SATA I port to External SATA II connection at PCI bracket
  • Supports (2) Serial ATA device

System: For Host Systems with 2 internal SATA Ports.

Serial ATA Ports
Compatible with SATA ports on mother boards or add in cards. Compliant with Serial ATA 1.0 and 2.0 Specifications.

Cable Support
Supports (2) external SATA Device

NOTE: OS Transparent, depends on the Host Support

The Serial ATA dual port PCI Bracket with 15 inch cable installs into your PC as you would install any other PCI related card or bracket. However, the cable ends of the PCI bracket need to connect to either the SATA enabled mother board or SATA controller card within your PC. Clicking the image on the left will present a larger view of the SATA II ports and an outline of the connector port.

Because this is a dual port SATA PCI bracket, two available internal SATA port connections must be available to enable both ports on the bracket. Both ports however are independent of each other meaning if there is only one available SATA internal connector to connect to, then only one of the SATA PCI bracket ports would function.

This allows an external SATA device connection to be made from an internal source (the PCI controller card) by connecting the cable end of the single port SATA I or SATA II PCI bracket to the controller cards internal female connection.

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