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Dual Board RAID Firewire 800/400 QUAD Bay Removable Tray IDE Drive Enclosure

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Quick Overview

Dual Board RAID Firewire 800/400 QUAD Bay Removable Tray IDE Drive Enclosure

Connecting IDE hard drive sizes from 20-500 GB to a 1394 firewire serial bus technology with Plug and Play capabilities! Standard configuration uses two Initio 2430L Master/Slave Bridge Boards With two 9-pin and one 6-pin firewire ports per Bridgeboard, Each pair of drives (master/Slave) on each board can be RAIDED as Stripe Or Span. Joining Master and Slave Drives together can give you a total SPAN Capacity of 800GB per board (utilizing Seagate 400GB or Hitachi 400GB drives).
  • PCB NOTE: Since this item uses two separate Intio 2430L Chips it is not possible to raid all four drives, one two drives on each PCB can be raided.
  • Our Master/Master Option Adds two more Initio 2430L Bridgeboards to this enclosure and hot-swap circuitry, each HDD tray can be removed without powering enclosure down, this is a great option for people that use many drives and are not interested in keeping ATA Standard Master/Slave configurations Active.
  • All New Unit Features Two INITIO 2430L RAID Boards
  • Quad IDE Drive Tray Removable System
  • Supports IDE Hard Drives from 20GB-500GB (each drive)
  • SPAN Support- Stipe Support for Each Pair of Master/Slave Drives, Joining Two Drives together will give you up to 800GB Capacity (using 400Gb drives in a master slave configuration)per Bridge Board.
  • Dual-Cooling System, Oversized 300-Watt Power Supply(built-in)
  • Four Removable trays Included (extra trays available in our spare parts category)
  • Each Intio 2430L Bridge gives you acess to Two IDE ATA-66/100/133 HDD.
  • Support Firewire 800 Nativly (2X 9-pin ports)
  • Support Firewire 400 Nativly (1X 6-pin port)
  • Operating System Supported: MAC OS 9.2 and X.3 X.4, Windows 98SE/ME/2000/XP!
  • Easy 1..2..3... Installation, drives require master/slave configuration)
  • Perfect fit for large drives with 8MB or 16MB (ultra fast storage solution)
  • All is included but IDE drives (4x trays, power cable, two firewire 800 9-pin cable 6ft. firewire 400 6-pin to 6-pin cable 6ft.) Standard Power Cord, Mounting Screws for HDD installation. THIS ITEM IS NO LONGER MADE!

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