USB 1.1 150ft. Long Range Extension Cable via CAT5

USB 1.1 150ft. Long Range Extension Cable via CAT5
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USB Extension Cable USB 1.1 via standard Network Cable Cat5 or Cat6 Lan Cable

The Super USB Extender allows you to extend beyond USB length limits by using Cat5 cable. Now you can extend your USB devices up to 150 feet from your computer! Use the Super USB Extender to extend your low cost USB webcams for security purposes. You can also use it to operate USB barcode scanners from a central computer or to extend any USB device, such as a keyboard, to another room. Simply plug the master unit into your computer, connect the cat5 cable and the remote unit and plug the USB cable for your device into the remote unit and you are ready to go. How the USB 1.1 Line Extender Works The line extender unit consists of a transmitter unit (end with cable) and a receiver unit. You\'ll need a standard Category-5 Network cable to connect the two units together. The patented ASIC's (Application Specific Integrated Circuits) are used to process and repeat USB signals to interpret the data being passed. The transmitter and receiver units can be used separately so user\'s can customize cables of any length, up to 150 feet. Click here for a tutorial for custom cable lengths made with standard Category-5 network cable and RJ-45 connectors.

USB extension cable

USB Line Extender enhances signal strength and reduces signal loss. Locate your USB 1.1 device or hub up to 150 feet from your computer, overcoming the standard 15-Foot USB 1.1 cable limitation! The patented ASIC's (Application Specific Integrated Circuits) technology sets up the USB signals to communicate up to 150 feet downstream using low-cost Cat 5/5e/6 cable. You can now enhance the capability and usefulness of your USB 1.1 devices. USB 1.1 Line Extender Features Extends the distance of a USB device from a USB-enabled computer up to 150ft. Ideal for use with USB cameras, printers, web cams, keyboard/mouse extensions, and any other USB device. Self-powered (power comes from universal serial bus) so no external power source is required. Uses standard Cat5/Cat5E/Cat6 patch cord (not included) for ease of use and flexibility. Compliant with USB Specification 1.1 Transmitter Connectors: USB Type A Male; RJ45 Female Receiver Connectors: USB Type A Female; RJ45 Female
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