USB 4-Port Manual Push Button Switch. Share USB Devices!

USB 4-Port Manual Push Button Switch. Share USB Devices!
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USB 1.0 and 2.0 Compliant! From experience switching cables on computers can be not only confusing but some what of of mess. The USB Data Switch eliminates the cumbersome mess by giving you the opportunity to utilize its functionality. Example: You have one USB port open but several peripherals that you are using such as a printer, scanner or a modem, and have to switch cables every time they are needed. One solution would be to reach in the back of the computer and accidentally disconnect the wrong cable. Another solution could be to sort the tools needed through a data switch. As seen in this example to the left, several peripherals are connected in the top row of switches and one computer connected in the bottom port which is for the PC or MAC. Let\'s say these two peripherals are a scanner and printer, by simply depressing the appropriate switch in the front, the tool needed becomes active and will transfer data at a high rate of speed. This was very easy to set up. No need of special software or drivers, the USB switch acts as a go between for computers and peripherals so the connection or switching is electronically driven not software driven. This allows for easy installation and easy connections
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